Baby Blendy Kit

The Ultimate Baby Bottle Blender

  • 1 8oz Bottle
  • 1 Power Blender
  • 1 Charger
  • Rechargeable Batteries

This powerful, rechargeable, battery-operated Baby Bottle Blender can be utilized to easily and thoroughly mix powdered formula and break milk. Just push the button and watch the magic happen.

Blendy also completely dissolves all chunks of formula, giving your baby all the nutrients and does not clog the baby bottle nipple.

Blendy was designed to ease the complications of having to shake an ordinary baby bottle. This baby bottle is ideal for use when on the go or at home to fix your baby a bottle of milk with the solution being thoroughly blended effortlessly.

Baby Blendy, Stop Shaking, Start Blending.


$ 40.00



BabyBlendy Testimonials

"Greatest Baby Bottle Ever"

When I first saw BabyBlendy's website, the first thing that came to my mind was were can I buy one?! As a mom of a 4 month infant you find your self overwhelmed with your daily tasks, but this product is going to give you that extra time and help you need with your baby. I can't wait to purchase this product!

Samantha, Miami, FL

"An Exciting Baby Bottle"

I saw this website and I'm supper excited for this baby bottle to come out! I'm a mother of 2 and most of my time is spent shaking bottles... I think BabyBlendy is going to come in handy to a lot of parents.

Tanya, Miami, FL

"Technology in a Baby Bottle"

I was doing some research on anti-colic baby bottles and came across BabyBlendy's website. This bottle is going to be amazing and a must have for all parents. I love the sleek bottle design and the fact the bottle blends infant formula and breast milk. I can't wait till BabyBlendy comes out!

Jeana, Miami, FL